May 22, 2011

Chattanooga, TN: The Terminal's IBA

The other day my girlfriend and I visited Chattanooga, TN a straight shot down Interstate 24 from Nashville.  We went there to meet with an entrepreneur and gain some insights on starting a business.  He very graciously took us out to lunch afterwards at a brewpub down the road called the Terminal.

Situated in a wedge-shaped building near the center of town, this place just felt good from the moment we walked in.  Despite being shaped like a triangle, the space was organized well, with a bar on the ground floor and additional seating on two floors above and on a terrace out back.  Going upstairs for a seat, we were able to look down onto the brewery's fermenting tanks in the basement.  A nice touch.

I sampled a couple different beers, but decided to get a glass of their IBA, or Indian Brown Ale, because this was a style I hadn't seen before.  IPAs, or India Pale Ales, are pretty common, well-liked among hopheads - people who enjoy beers with heavy hop flavor and smell, usually described as floral or citrusy.  At my first taste I was a bit surprised - this tasted just like an IPA.  What's the point of going brown instead of pale?  I went for a second try, then I noticed the difference.  The hops cleared out to allow for a bit of that malty brown ale flavor right at the end.The IBA turned out to be both interesting and flavorful, the perfect accompaniment for my 'Macho Man' spicy chicken sandwich.  I recommend a visit to the Terminal for anyone passing through Chattanooga.