May 18, 2011

Nashville, TN: Yazoo Dos Perros

I'm back in my old stomping grounds of Nashville, TN, on the way back to Virginia from New Orleans JazzFest.  The brew I've chosen for my first review is Dos Perros, a brown ale from Nashville's own Yazoo Brewing Company.  I've had several from the bottle over the past few days, but last night I opted to get it on draft at my favorite bar in town, Broadway Brewhouse, to chase down a basket of their delicious Chipotle Chicken Wings.

Dos Perros exemplifies many of my favorite things about a brown ale: malty, not too hoppy, medium-bodied.  It's a perfect compliment to some spicy BBQ wings.  But I was surprised to find it served with a lime at the Brewhouse.  I don't know whether it was there more for taste or to remind us of this beer's Mexican influence (it's brewed with a portion of flaked maize), but I prefer this beer sans lime.  The acidity of the limes take away from the character of the brown ale, hiding that tasty caramel/chocolate malt flavor.

With or without the lime, Dos Perros is very drinkable and not too heavy.  It's a good option for filling your growler and a great place to start sampling Yazoo's lineup of standard styles before moving on to some of their more adventurous varieties.

IBUs: 21
ABV: 3.5%

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