June 24, 2011

5 Reasons to Go Buy a Growler Right Now

A fancy, Euro-style growler.
Wait, what's a growler?  Glad you asked.  A growler is just a big glass jug for taking draft beer to go.  It's debatable where the term comes from -- some say it's from back in the day when a growler was just a pail with a lid and the bucket would growl as carbonation escaped from the top.  Hey, it's what I read somewhere.  I picked up a 64oz growler last night at the Wine Seller in Williamsburg and filled it up with Firestone Walker's Union Jack IPA.  I'm hoping next time I go they'll have some local brews on tap, but this one's pretty tasty.

And now...

5 Reasons to Go Buy a Growler

KegWorks Glass Beer Growler
A simple, screw-top
growler from Kegworks
(click image to buy)
1 - Bring home fresh draft beer from your local microbrewery
2 - It's usually cheaper than buying the same amount of beer at the bar
3 - Prevent glass from having to be recycled or going to the landfill
4 - Makes bottling easier for the homebrewer (less bottles to fill)
5 - Take draft beer to a party or BBQ without having to buy a whole keg

Got a good reason to get a growler?  Leave a comment below...


  1. With all those reasons to buy a growler of beer, you might as well go ahead and get TWO growlers of brew!