June 3, 2011

Richmond, VA: Legend's Brown Ale

OK so I actually had this beer in Williamsburg, but Richmond's just an hour away so I think it counts as local.  Hey, it's better than having it shipped from California or Europe, right?

Anyways I ordered an 'imperial pint' of this stuff at a great restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg called Berret's Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill.  I wasn't sure how Legend's Brown Ale would do with seafood, but I knew the beer was good so I went with it.  This beer had a red-brown color and a very prominent caramel aroma, which carried through on the taste as well with a sweet, but not too sweet, flavor.  Not much hops taste on this one.  What blew me away was how well this beer went with our seafood - and not just the Legend Brown Ale Battered Shrimp, either (which were excellent).  This beer actually served pretty well as a palate cleanser as I went from pesto calamari and crab cakes to my sole and scallops baked in parchment paper with sun-dried tomato and spinach pasta.  Let's just say my stomach was quite happy at the end of this meal!

Icing on the cake?  Virginia Peanut Pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate granache.  Mmmmmm...

Next time you're in Williamsburg and want a really good meal - go to Berret's.

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