July 7, 2011

DC Day 2: Folklife Festival and the District Chophouse & Brewery

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is held every year on the National Mall in DC and features three different countries, regions, states, or cultures.  This year the focus is on the Peace Corps, Colombia, and Rhythm & Blues.  I decided to swing by the Festival first, so as not to get too distracted by whatever's on tap at the local bar.

Sandwiched between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building, the Mall was filled with tents for the different speakers and concerts and thousands of visitors bustling between them.  I spent most of my time in the Colombian and R&B sections.  There were dozens of Colombians artisans demonstrating how to make baskets, furniture, and the like, but my favorite part, no doubt, was the Colombian music:

After exploring the festival for a few hours, I walked up to the District Chophouse & Brewery, recommended to me by someone I'd met at Capital City Brewing Company.  Walking into the Chophouse, I was impressed by its swanky feel.  The wait staff was well-dressed, there were stained wood and leather booths, and a very 1920s-style bar was situated towards the left.  Upstairs were the brewery's fermentation tanks. 

After perusing the brewery's impressive beer selection posted on the chalkboard behind the bar (they had 8-10 choices available), I decided to start with their IPA.  It was floral in aroma and taste and it went very well with my Roasted Veggie Pizza.  I followed the IPA with the Saison.  This brew was less tart than some other Saisons I've tried.  I liked its wheaty nature and its peachy overtones - a great summer beer.  I would have liked to stick around drinking beer the rest of the day, but those DC prices can add up pretty quickly.  I'd gladly swing by again for their Happy Hour - Monday through Friday 4pm-7pm.

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