January 30, 2012

The Local Beer Blog Heads South!

Until further notice, the Local Beer Blog will be based out of Panama City, Panama.  This means two things:

1) I'll be welcoming contributions from anyone interested in writing about their local beer scene.  Though I will be located in Central America, I would like to continue to feature beer news and reviews from around the United States and elsewhere.  It's the paradox of my blog -- it's local, yet international.  Please send me an email if you would like to contribute.

La Cinta Costera (the Coastal Beltway) runs
alongside la Bahia de Panama. Photo: David Ackley
2) Many of my future posts will be about the beer scene down here in Panama and elsewhere in Latin America.  For example, what is the local selection like in terms of domestics and imports?  What is the homebrewing scene like in Latin America?  Is there one?  What kinds of local ingredients might I be able to incorporare into my future homebrews?  Which of these could I grow myself?

It's very exciting to relocate to another part of the world.  I hope you continue to follow along in my beer-related adventures!

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