May 30, 2012

Colorado Beer Vacation

Beer tourism is one of those trends picking up some steam, a way for non-professional craft beer enthusiasts to get a piece of the action.

Lately, Zephyr Adventures has been on my radar.  They put on the Beer Blogger Conference and also maintain the most comprehensive list of beer bloggers I know.  Zephyr is joining Draft Magazine, New Belgium Brewing, Untappd, and World Class Beer to give away a couple spots on their Colorado Hike, Bike, Beer and Brewpubs Adventure in October, which includes:

  • stops at Walnut Brewery, Boulder Beer Company, Coopersmith's Pub, New Belgium, Estes Park Brewery, Wynkoop Brewery
  • hikes or bike rides every day
  • tix to the Great American Beer Festival
  • all accommodations
  • most meals
  • Did I mention the Great American Beer Festival?!

Now that sound like an awesome trip (yes, this is my own attempt to win a spot and I'll be praying I win), but I want to ask you, readers, what would make an ideal beer vacation for you?  Is it the destination, the beer, the activities?  Or is it the combination of all of the above, creating an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience?

Ready, set, discuss on Facebook.  And 'Like' the Local Beer Blog if you haven't done so already.  I'd really appreciate it.

Stay tuned for something fresh, but a little crazy from Costa Rica.


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