August 7, 2012

Videos: The World of the Pink Elephant

On the blog today, a series of mini-documentaries from Delirium Brewery out of Belgium. They make the famous Delirium Troemens, a Belgian strong ale at 8.5%, labeled with the iconic pink elephant. Perhaps you've tried it.

The videos highlight urban culture, providing commentary on some of the ways we cope with the all-too-often oppressive urban environment. One of the big trade-offs of living in a city is the exposure we get to artists and creative types.

Sure, the videos are pretty blatant marketing, but at least it's cool marketing. I'll take these 2-minute videos over the mindless crap thrust upon us by the big guys any day.
So here's the big question: Are you any more likely to purchase a Delirium product after watching the videos? How come?

Urban gardens provide refuge from the concrete jungle that is New York City:

Skateboarders escape the stresses of Düsseldorf, Germany (I want one of those boards!):

3D street art takes advantage of the architecture in Brussels, Belgium:

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