September 12, 2012

First Panama Homebrew Meeting - Thursday Sept. 13

Panama will have its first meeting of homebrewers and cerveceros caseros Thursday, September 13th at 9pm, at La Rana Dorada in Casco Viejo.

This will be an opportunity for homebrewers in Panama City to meet each other and begin to discuss the challenges facing homebrewers in Panama:

  • Where do we find equipment?
  • How can we purchase ingredients?
  • What about brewing in this tropical climate?
Homebrewers and anyone interested in the craft of beer-making is welcome to attend the event. Please RSVP via the Facebook event page.

September 6, 2012

4 September Beer Festivals to Enjoy this Fall

Fall is a great time for beer festivals. (Then again, when is it not a great time for beer festivals?)

The original 1811 Oktoberfest in Munich celebrated the marriage of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Bavaria, but it also coincided with the harvest of the grain crop. What better way to ring in a new season of brewing by finishing off the previous spring's batch? While Munich's Oktoberfest has strict standards for the beers that can be served, these festivals below allow the modern beer-lover a wide variety styles to explore:

September 4, 2012

Panama Homebrew #2: Riverbend Summer Ale

On my most recent trip to Asheville, NC, I was lucky enough to secure 12 pounds of 6-Row Pale Ale Malt from the artisanal maltsters at Riverbend Malt House. The bag of malt accompanied me throughout the rest of my trip -- to Nashville, Atlanta, and on up to Norfolk (by way of a Chicago layover). It was in my luggage for the flight down to Ft. Lauderdale, where I'd pick up my connection back to Panama. It was a little nerve-wracking going through customs with malt, hops, and various brewing chemicals in my suitcase, but luckily I made it through without a hassle.