December 16, 2012

Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher: Now an Interactive eBook

Tasting Beer, the comprehensive beer guide by Randy Mosher, is now available as an interactive eBook for iPad, iPhone, and reading on the web.

Redesigned by San Francisco start-up Inking, this new version includes sharp, interactive graphics, instant access to glossary definitions, and the ability to interact with friends on social media. The Inkling platform makes it easy to navigate the chapters and to take notes on the content.

Today only, you can purchase the entire book for just $1.99 through the Apple iTunes Store. After that, it goes up to the regular price of $12.99, which is still pretty reasonable. You will also be able to purchase individual chapters for $1.99, however Chapter 4 is free for you to try out.

I had the pleasure of meeting Randy Mosher last November through a class at the Siebel Institute. Mosher is a founder behind 5 Rabbit Brewery in Chicago and a thoroughly engaging guy, so when I was offered the chance to test-drive the new version, I jumped on it.

A word of warning: "Don't even consider starting this book without a beer in your hand." - Randy Mosher

Flipping through Tasting Beer on the iPad, the design is pretty slick. The graphics are very high-quality, plus the ability to look up definitions with a touch of a finger ensures you're up to date on the jargon. Chapters include sections on sensory evaluation, brewing and brewing vocabulary, tasting and presenting, beer and food, and extensive descriptions of all the major beer styles. You also have the ability to fill out tasting notes right within the app.

Know someone who might enjoy Tasting Beer? You can gift a copy of the book through the Apple iTunes Store.

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