January 5, 2013

There's a Revolution Brewing in El Salvador

craft beer in El Salvador
Looks like a nice spot for a brewery...
Andy Newbom and his wife Nanelle sold everything, left San Francisco, and founded the first craft brewery in El Salvador. The brewery is located in Playa El Tunco, a black sand surfing spot on the Pacific coast of El Salvador, popular with backpackers, Salvadorans, and surfers. What's really cool about Andy's work is that he's creating more than just great craft beer -- he's bringing opportunity to a country where a significant portion of the population lives in extreme poverty. Can you help Brew Revolution by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign?

[Update: 1/8/2013 - Brew Revolution did not meet their Kickstarter goal, BUT we helped raise awareness for their efforts and hope they try another campaign in the future.]

All it takes is a dollar to contribute, but big time donors ($2,600 or more) get a sweet prize package: 
"You and a friend or significant other will be shuttled from the airport in El Salvador to Playa El Tunco, where you will enjoy the comfort of your own private cabana at Hotel Mopelia. You will have 4 nights and 5 days of fun. Our favorite surf instructor 'Burro' will provide you with twice daily surf lessons and board rental. And each day you will receive a massage from our resident massage therapist..."
Of course, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the beer you can drink is included. AND you get a brew day in the brewery, which could involve brewing the Mercurio IPA with panela, Venus Wit with pineapple and passionfruit, one of Brew Revolution's other craft beers made with local ingredients, or a creation all your own.

This is an all or nothing campaign -- no money gets donated unless Brew Revolution meets their $22,400 goal by the Tuesday deadline. Can you donate today and share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook?

Watch the video and read more about Brew Revolution in Imbibe Magazine's 75 Places to Watch in 2013FoodGPS, and Forbes Magazine

I've had the pleasure of visiting Playa El Tunco twice. It's an idyllic surfing village on the Pacific coast of El Salvador. The first time I went, in 2010, I stayed on the beach for a day before spending a week on a Habitat for Humanity build in the interior of El Salvador. I visited again in 2011, while backpacking through Central America. Even a year later, it was clear that the area was transforming. If Brew Revolution had been open when I stopped through, I probably never would have left.

Andy and Nanelle are contributing to an amazing Salvadoran food and beverage tradition (don't get me started on pupusas). You can help make it happen by pledging as little as $1 today.

brewery in El Salvador
Just as beautiful as the beaches -- are the mountains of El Salvador.

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