March 14, 2013

Green Flash to Build $20m Brewery in Virginia Beach

This is such big news for craft beer in Virginia that I had to throw it up on the blog real quick. San Diego's Green Flash Brewing Company has just announced plans to build a second brewery in Virginia Beach. This will be a state-of-the-art facility with a 100,000 barrel capacity, employing 40 or more local workers. Production is expected to begin in 2015.

“The Mid-Atlantic region provided logistical advantages,” said Lisa Hinkley, co-founder of Green Flash. “Virginia is a great place to do business, has a developing craft beer culture, and Virginia Beach felt like home.”

Additionally, Green Flash is moving in with full intent to help develop Virginia's craft beer culture. They established a $10,000 credit with San Diego's White Labs, a leading producer of brewer's yeast, for members of the Virginia Brewers Guild to use for testing and quality control. Green Flash also plans to develop a Virginia Beach series of locally made beers and to support area charities.

Go #VAbeer!

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