April 24, 2013

Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on the Local Beer Blog over the past few weeks. I'll admit, I've been distracted. While I try to post at least once a week, I've had people in town and some interesting freelance opportunities come up.

The main one has been writing homebrewing blog posts for the E. C. Kraus homebrewing and winemaking supply shop in Independence, MO. Now I don't claim to be a homebrewing "expert", but I know a thing or two about beer and how to make it. In any case, I write some 15 blog posts a month for the E. C. Kraus blog.
Look at 'em go! (I swear, I don't
usually drink Starbucks.)

Here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks:
  • Who Wants a Real Ginger Ale? - If you've followed the Local Beer Blog for a while, you know that I enjoy brewing with ginger. This post gives easy instructions for incorporating fresh ginger root into a standard brown ale recipe.
  • Improve Your Brews with a Yeast Starter - I've been brewing for a few years now, but I just recently discovered the benefits of using yeast starters. When I pitched the starter on the right into my recent saison batch, it started fermenting right away.
  • Making Beer the BIAB Way! I first experimented with Brew in a Bag when living in Panama. It's a great way to get into all-grain brewing without making a big investment in additional equipment.
Yes, I've got plenty more writing to do for E. C. Kraus, but hopefully this post will get me back on track with posting regularly to the Local Beer Blog. I intend to keep it going!

Up next, I'll share some of the fun beer activities in Asheville that have been keeping me busy!

Are you a homebrewing blogger interested in contributing to the E. C. Kraus blog? Contact me for information on guest blogging opportunities.

April 2, 2013

It's NC Beer Month: 5 Ways to Celebrate in Asheville

If you live in North Carolina, listen up! If you don't, it's about time for a visit.

April 2013 marks the inaugural North Carolina Beer Month. Breweries and craft beer fans from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean will be celebrating the state's 70+ craft breweries with special tastings, events, beer releases, and festivities.

For those in and around the Asheville area, here are five fun ways to celebrate: