June 20, 2013

Introducing CentUp: Support Bloggers & Charities with a Single Click

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Beer for a cause. It's a theme I've tried to highlight from time to time, one that recurs quite often in the craft beer industry. Something about people that enjoy craft beer -- they love to support good causes!

Now I get to take an active role in raising money for good causes through my own passion for craft beer. And you can help!

You may have noticed a new button on my website: CentUp. Maybe you saw the brewery they built for me on Facebook.

CentUp is an exciting new platform that enables people like you to reward content creators and support good causes with the click of a button. For as little as a penny, you can chip in to support your favorite bloggers and donate to a charity of your choice at the same time. For every click of the CentUp button, 45% percent of the donation goes to the publisher and 45% goes to the charity. CentUp keeps 10% to cover operating costs.

I found out about CentUp through their Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded. Watch the video below and tell me if you're not intrigued [video link]...

So how can you participate?

CentUp is still in their "controlled launch" phase, but they're pretty cool over there, so I'm sure they'll send you an invite code if you ask for one. Just visit Centup.org and fill out the "Request an invite" form on the front page.

Once you're signed up, you select the charity that you want to support (I'm supporting Pencils for Promise), and then you can click on the CentUp button wherever you see content that you find especially valuable. I've put the CentUp button at the bottom of every blog post and in the top right corner of every page, so click those buttons and click often!

Now, to sweeten the deal and to encourage some participation, when my blog hits 10,000 CentUps ($100 in donations), I'll send the top contributor a grab bag of brewery swag, some homebrews, and some other cool beer stuff, too.

Have a blog of your own? Sign up to become a publisher, donate to my blog, and I'll return the favor!

Do you have suggestions for rewards I can give out in exchange for CentUps? Leave your ideas in the comments!

And don't forget to click that CentUp button!

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