About Me

My name is David Ackley. I founded the Local Beer Blog in 2011 as a way to pursue my passion for the craft beer industry while in the middle of changing cities, changing careers, and otherwise finding my way in the world. I'm a homebrewer, do-it-yourself-er, and buy local advocate.

I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina. I travel as much as possible and when I do, local beer is on my mind.

Questions about the blog? Comments? Shoot me a line: david@localbeerblog.com

Here's the longer version:

My induction into the world of craft beer is similar to that of many beer enthusiasts:
  • A semester abroad in Europe introduced me to new beer styles and quality that couldn't be easily found in the US. Oktoberfest in Munich was an unforgettable experience.
  • I began homebrewing as a hobby, but in it I discovered a passion for creating something that takes effort, artistry, and time, but is well worth the wait.
  • I was inspired to start blogging one day in a coffeeshop, seizing one of those "why not?" moments.
This is where my experience might diverge a little from the norm. In 2010 I decided to leave my corporate job in Nashville and the comfortable lifestyle it afforded. I embarked on a three-month journey through Central America, starting in Guatemala and Belize, jumping on a boat to Honduras, then following the Inter-American Highway through El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and ending up in Panama. The only breweries to register on that trip were D&D Brewery in Honduras and Istmo Brew Pub in Panama.

In January 2012, I returned to Panama, where the craft beer scene was just beginning to change. La Rana Dorada and Canal Brew Panama opened within about three weeks of each other. The first ever Costa Rica Craft Beer Festival took place in April of 2012. My girlfriend and I made the last-minute decision to attend, and my coverage of that event was quoted in the Costa Rica Star. Traffic to the Local Beer Blog doubled, and doubled again, so I took that as a sign that I'm onto something. As of October 1, 2012, I'm based in Asheville, NC and I'm very happy to be here.

The Local Beer Blog is here to make your beer travels easier and to share anything that I find interesting. Over the past several years I've compiled information on a number of breweries and brewpubs in the US and Central America. It's not meant to be an end-all resource, but hopefully some of these posts will steer you in the right direction and inspire you to find out what's brewing near you.

One of the many great things about the craft beer movement is that there is no final destination; it's constantly evolving. I hope you join me for the ride!