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July 9, 2012

Richmond, VA: Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery has been on the Local Beer Blog radar for some time. They first caught my attention when I heard about the new brewery opening in Richmond, VA. I was then intrigued by the news that they were making a community-hopped IPA. When I read that Hardywood won a Bronze Medal at the World Beer Cup, it was clear that this was a place I needed to visit. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the co-founders at their production brewery in Richmond, VA to discuss their journey into the craft beer business and their various locally-flavored ales.

February 9, 2012

Virginia - Support Local Breweries through Senate Bill 604

If you live in Virginia, please take a few minutes to contact your representative and ask them to support SB604.  The bill would allow breweries to sell pints directly to consumers for consumption at their production facilities.

Read this for more information.

Click here to track down your representative and send them a message.

Act fast!  The bill goes before committee tomorrow morning.

UPDATE [May 15, 2012] - The bill has passed and has been signed into law!

August 8, 2011

Lower Taxes for Microbreweries?

Per the Beer Sommelier, here's an interesting article about a potential bit of legislation that could lower taxes for microbreweries: Schumer Beer Tax.

On one hand, it could stimulate the growth of these small businesses and encourage them to hire an extra employee or two.  But would that justify the reduction in federal revenue?

What do you think?

For more info visit Schumer's website.

If you like this idea, tell your representatives in Congress to support the BEER Act.