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April 5, 2012

Excellent Infographic

I think it's telling me something:

Design by Melissa Schmechel Motzkin of, winner of the Sixpoint Brewery Beer is Culture Contest.

July 25, 2011

The Philosophy of Beer Tasting

When the average beer drinker reaches into the fridge to pull out a cold beer they probably aren’t considering the philosophical ramifications of their choice. That’s acceptable and reasonable. It may be that in order to enjoy the refreshment of a “cold one” it helps to not get mired in philosophical muck... Perhaps the adage should be: “We drink because we like to drink not because we like to think.”

Whether or not we have a Cartesian “clear and distinct” idea of the beer we’re about to drink probably isn’t as important as how that brewski tastes. According to
Derek Boyd, Descartes had a “clear and distinct idea of God because ... God causes us mere mortals to have such a clear and distinct idea of His existence--[i.e.]...God is perfect and so He doesn’t deceive us.” The same might be said for beer, right?

The Perfect Beer Doesn’t Deceive Us

Aside from the fact that Descartes leads us into the illogical world of what is known as a “Cartesian circle,” in Professor Boyd’s interpretation, Descartes’ God is
a priori defined as the most benevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient being imaginable; this is not, then, a premise we should bother refuting (though we may be able to refute the other premises of St. Anselm’s argument). To be sure, Descartes accepted the rationalist notion of a priori knowledge: it is possible to know something without experiencing that “thing.” So, we must ask, if we do not refute the definition of a “perfect beer” because it is a definition, do we indeed have an a priori clear and distinct idea of what the “perfect beer” tastes like? Well folks, though we may think we have a clear and distinct idea of what the perfect beer is all about, I submit to you that in order to really know, it will be important to put what we “know” to the test.

Yep, it’s time to taste some beer!

But first... for an introduction:

If you’re guessing that David didn’t write this post (or at least hoping he hasn’t gone off of his rocker), fear not... My name is Anton and I will be guest blogging on the Local Beer Blog. The goal of my posts will be to approach the topic of beer from many angles: the economics of beer, the philosophy of beer, the science of beer, and the X of beer, where X is some random variable.

I’m pleased to be adding my opinions to this blog and hope that readers will enjoy reading about beer as much as I enjoy writing about it. So, continue to read the Local Beer Blog as we begin posting more content. For my first post I will wrap up the philosophical notion of why we should embrace beer tasting we've started in this introduction... so stay tuned.

Have a great day with a great beer.

Take it easy,



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